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Blam is my OTP! And Mahealahey, Wickling.....

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They’re putting hot water pipes under the path outside the door near our security office.  That’s great for the winter, cuz it melts the snow.  The whole area is blocked of with signs, cones and caution tape.

After 7 people climbed through that area, with the chopped up concrete, we had to put the patrol officer out there to shoo away employees who vehemently do not want to walk another minute to a different door.

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how am I gonna be an optimist about this

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Imagine your otps


Imagine them curled up in bed at night, talking about nothing. Content to be in each other’s company.

Imagine them going out to dinner, or the movies, and poking fun at the others choice.

Imagine them doing normal couple things, like cooking dinner together or going furniture shopping.

Imagine them slow dancing in their home to soft music. Imagine slow dancing turning into slow kissing.

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Scrolling through Tumblr at work…





Social Justice Ting


Explicit Gay Porn…FUCK!  

*Close window*

*Look around to make sure no one saw*

*Open Tumblr again and scroll slower*




….I don’t like the look of the top couple of centimeters of this next gif, better refresh..OH SHIT, REFRESH AGAIN!


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