Just Raising A Little Hell

Blam is my OTP! And Mahealahey, Wickling.....

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If you smell like fetid, rotting flesh and putrid dairy marinating in copious skin oils and halitosis that could stop a charging, wounded water buffalo, you’d think you’d be aware of this.  You’d think you’d notice the watering eyes of anyone you speak with or the reflexive, repeated swallowing of anyone nearby as they attempt not to be ill.  That your chair was often found outside, as it had to be rolled out of the room you work in so the person on the next shift could be in there after, which they are unable to do when the stink permeated chair of evil is there.  That people Febreeze and Lysol the air every time you walk through a room and occasionally have bad aim and hit you.

Even a shower sans soap would help, though I’m fairly sure a silkwood shower would be needed to rid you of the foul stench that has seeped so deeply into your pours that it has poisoned your insides, killing your sense of smell and making you choose not to bathe.

There is a really smelly guy at work.

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Someone should roleplay badboy!sam and cheerio!blaine blam with me on omegle. come onnnnnnnnnn. 

Dang it, now I want to do this.  But I’m at work and tonight I have to finish my NYCBlaine Blog and finish some RP paras from Hakuna!  

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It’s 245 am.  I have to be up at 630 for work.  I should be sleeping.  Instead I’m RP-ing a very strange orgy.